The Bodyful Mind®
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Welcome to The Bodyful Mind®…

an exercise class designed to provide people with the opportunity to experience themselves from within, using breath-connected movement, writing and self-awareness to create emotional intelligence.



What you discover through movements in class is what you write about… and what you write about is what you discover through the actions of your life…

Find the value.


   As Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, pioneering nueroscientist, says in his book The Body Keeps the Score:

“We can get past the slipperiness of words by engaging the self-observing, body-based self system, which speaks through sensations, tone of voice, and body tensions. being able to perceive visceral sensations is the very foundation of emotional awareness.”

Rhys Logan.


In 1979, Doreen Rivera experienced a life-changing automobile incident, ending her flourishing dance career. Doreen transformed this debilitating event into a life-affirming journey… 


“When you move muscle, you move emotion.

It’s that simple”

- Doreen Rivera


Inner Space...

the Final Frontier.