The Bodyful Mind®
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An empowerment real and recognizable because it comes from within... 

Inner Space...the final frontier.



   The Bodyful Mind® ...a process of evolution... 

is a technique of movement and breath that fosters the development of emotional intelligence. 

It is a journey within that creates a conscious relationship to the continual communications that your life force provides in the form of feelings, sensations, and thoughts that emerge from within the physical body.

All of these expressions are active through the continuous movements that occur in daily life. 

Recognizing the value of each experience and expression is the purposefulness of The Bodyful Mind.

Rhys Logan.


The language of the body has always fascinated me. It is an emotional language that is borne of every experience, every thought, every movement, every breath, every gesture. I recognize that we have been taught a splintering between the emotional and the physical body, when the truth is that they are one and the same.  Assisting people to be able to self recognize the importance and value of every experience is a gift. I feel honored to support and assist the evolution of each individual.” 

- Doreen Rivera


The Bodyful Mind® is a process of discovering the emotional patterns in the physical body through movement and the value you can create in your everyday life through what you learn from within.


Inner Space...

the Final Frontier.