The Bodyful Mind® movement class is a series of deep stretches, isometrics and weight bearing movements. The intent of class is to take you on a journey within to discover a greater vitality, inspiration and wisdom that lies within.

Your health is determined by your posture, the way you "hold" yourself. The vitality available from within the body optimally occurs in plumb alignment. Structural alignment allows the field of energy that is your life force, and all that entails, to move through life unimpeded, unrestricted and uninhibited; free to live a life of fulfillment. Real and recognizable because it comes from within.

Come and experience the power of structural alignment as taught through your Bodyful Mind®.

We suggest you wear comfortable clothing for movement. Bring a towel, a mat, curiosity, and a journal to log your discoveries.


brasil brasil

Tuesdays & Thursdays

11:30am to 1pm

$15 (class Passes available)

Brasil Brasil Cultural Center

12453 Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA  90066


The yogi tree 


10:30am to 12 pm

$15 – $25 Donation (class passes available)

The Yogi Tree Center for Growth Room #31

4475 Vineland Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91602


special classes

This 4 hour class is a deeper exploration of body signals that arise during movement.

We hike for an hour and a half and explore as we move, physically and emotionally. Please wear comfortable shoes you can hike in.

Beach class is a little different than our regular class format as we are outdoors, so please bring either a sheet, or very large beach towel and prepare for the elements.

A series of movements that addresses the muscles of the face and surrounding support structure while increasing stimulation and circulation to the muscles of the face.

Bring water, snacks and wear sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself in outdoor classes.  Also, bring your journal and, of course, your curiosity.