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In 1979, Doreen Rivera experienced a life-changing automobile incident, ending her flourishing dance career. Doreen transformed this debilitating event into a life-affirming experience.

Welcome to Doreen Rivera’s The Bodyful Mind, where seeking the value of each life experience is the lesson, the opportunity, the gift. This gift is the source of self-empowerment that creates a ripple effect of change in every aspect of your life.

Doreen has been called “The Godmother of Stretch”.  She brought her original stretch program to Jane Fonda’s Workout, (which included the original exercise Barré Class) and introduced Jane Fonda and the world to the idea and importance of stretching.  As a result, Stretch classes have become a staple in the exercise world today. Her work is the inspiration for many exercise programs, videos and books.

  • Taught at UCLA, Dept. of Biological Sciences Extension Division

  • Taught at Dr. Leroy Perry’s International Sportscience Institute

  • Health Editor for the original Latina magazine

  • Board of Directors for Femmy DeLyser’s ground-breaking pregnancy, birth and recovery program

  • Through Denny Terrio’s involvement, Doreen was John Travolta’s stretch coach for his role in “Saturday Night Fever”

  • Her stretch video, “Stretch for Life,” was Shape Magazine’s #1 Stretch Video in the U.S. & Canada & recommended in Cher’s book, Forever Fit

  • Hosted her own exercise cable show, “RSVP,” in Los Angeles

Doreen and her staff continue to teach this cutting-edge, life-changing work through movement classes, workshops, seminars, individual sessions and her pregnancy program.

The Bodyful Mind Process® is geared toward evolving the emotional intelligence of every phase and each experience of life ~ from birth to death and everything in between.

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"When you move muscle, you move emotion... it's that simple."

- Doreen Rivera